Stratis Kas


Stratis Kas

Professional Experience.
• Owner and CEO of Because i Can Ltd media productions 2015-now
• Owner and CEO of Into the Wild Adventures, dive training & exploration tourism 2019-now
• Leading member of Filming and Diving Training 2016-now
• Project leader: Cave Film “Echoes of Silence” 2018-now
• Project leader: Cave Film “Amphitrite” 2017
• Project leader: The Road to Apollo, mapping and flming the underwater ancient road in Greece 2014
• Project member: Vouliagmeni Lake Mapping 2015
• Political Sciences, University of Turin

Diving Qualifcations.
• Full Technical & Multistage Cave Instructor IANTD
• Full Cave Instructor CMAS, UTRtek
• Trimix Instructor IANTD, CMAS, UTRtek
• Instructor IANTD, CMAS, UTRtek, SSI
• Mnemonic Decompression Instructor UTRtek

Conferences as a Speaker or co/speaker.
• TEKDIVE 2017, Antwerp Belgium, presenting a short movie about cave diving: “Amphitrite”
• EUDI 2018, Bologna Italy, presenting a short movie about cave diving: “Amphitrite”
• TEC EXPO 2018, Antwerp Belgium, presenting: “Cave Diving in Greece”
• EUROTEK 2018, Birmingham UK, presenting: “Balancing efciency and safety in Cave diving flm productions”

Confirmed future conferences
• EUDI TEK 2019, Italy, presenting: “-40 to +40C, Exploration under extreme weather”

Publications as an author or co/author.
• QUEST# 19.1 , “Cave Diving in Greece”
• QUEST# 19.3 , “The caves of Valstagna”
• QUEST# 19.4 , “Balancing efciency and safety in Cave diving flm productions”
• QUEST# 20.1 , “How much is (your) life worth? ”

Books/manuals as an author/coauthor.
• Full Cave Diving manual, CMAS Greece 2017
• Full Cave Diving manual, UTRTek English version 2017

Stratis is a professional award winning photographer and flm maker that has been published numerous times in prestigious magazines like Vogue (italy, Russia, Greece) and GQ (Uk) among others. His work was the advertising material for brands like Christian Dior and Levi’s. As an artist he has exhibited in galleries and shows in London, New york and Paris. Currently he is represented by the talent Agency MKS Milan and the Jaunties Europe in the UK.
Stratis Kas, has been diving since 2001. With a truly global experience in diving, from South America to Hawaii, and from the high altitude lakes in the US and Florida Caves, to the Red sea and beyond, he calls the underwater world home.
Stratis is a Trimix, Cave and DPV instructor. He is focused almost exclusively on Cave Diving. From preparatory courses to introduce the future Cave diver to the skills needed in the overhead, all the way to Full Cave, DPV courses. Stratis believes that cave diving is an all-inclusive theory and practice blend course, without the option to rush courses. He is the co-author of Cave Diving manuals, exams and all related materials.
For Stratis, Cave diving is the only type of diving he does. He frmly believes that it cannot be an “occasional” type of diving, because of the intense focus and preparation needed, both physical and psychological, to be a safe sport. The beauty that Cave diving ofers to him each and every time he ventures into a cave somewhere around the world, is the reason he gets
inspired to share it with new future Cave divers.
Since 2016 he is leading the Top2bottom cave flming team that is specialized in Adventure Filming. In 2017 he fnished his first flm “Amphitrite” that won a fnalist place in the flm festival “Short to the point” in 2018. Currently he is flming his first full feature flm “Echoes of Silence” produced by Because i Can ltd and FilmO2 Paris.