What is Euditek

Cos'è Euditek

EudiTekEUDI TEK is the first mediterranean convention for tech scuba divers, and it originated from Eudi Show, the European Fair for scubadiving activities that in 2017 celebrated its 25th edition.
Eudi Tek is a one of a kind event which is entirely dedicated to technical scubadiving. It offers conferences on various topics, hosts product and service companies for technical scubadiving, and to top it off: water practice. Eudi Tek will be an event of biennial frequency, starting off the 14th and 15th October 2017 in Padova (Italy) at the Y-40® swimming pool.

It is the event for the technical scubadiving élite community. Eudi Tek will offer to its guests an agenda of conferences about the latest topics on all the aspects of the technical scubadiving world. From wrek scuba diving to deep diving, to exploration and performances, to mixes and the most innovative gear, to medical conditions and state of the art computers. A wide variety of conferences and workshops, discussed and moderated by the best national and international technicians and professionals, will be offered to the aficionados. Eudi Tek is also designed to host a curated selection of national and international companies that will showcase their products and services to the customers.

There is a limited amount of available tickets to the Eudi Tek, to purchase one guests will have to book their spot in advance.
Saturday there will be a gala dinner, a chance for work, passion and friendliness to meet and go past the usual seller-buyer exchange.

The event will be held in the Y-40® THE DEEP JOY swimming pool, in Montegrotto Terme (PD). It is the deepest swimming pool in the world, the only scubadiving swimming pool with thermal water. There are areas for photoshoots, a movie set, a safe place for professional training, a place to experiment with water activities. The pool measures 21x18m, the maximum depth is 42,15m, there are different depths, and four caves for technical and speleological scubadiving. The volume of thermal water is 4300mc, the water has a temperature between 32 and 34 degrees Celsius.
The exibit area for companies is in the hall of the facility and in a dedicated area. There are two conference halls with around 90 seats, to host more than 30 events over two days, and for the companies that require it the 40mt deep swimming pool is available for demos with the companie’s technicians and tests for customers.
Everything will be managed by the organization according to the bookings in the agenda.

Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October 2017
9.30am Opening of the exposition area
10.00am Beginning of conferences and swimmingpool tests
6.00pm Closing of the exposition area and of the swimming pool
Saturday 14, 8.00pm gala dinner (reservation required)

It will be possible to stay at the Hotel Terme Millepini or at the nearby hotels, to spend a relaxing weekend made for techincal scubadiving.

Y-40 swimmingpool, in Montegrotto Terme – PADOVA

To keep up to date with the latest topics
To meet national and international companies
To meet the best specialists in the world