By Steve Lewis

Steve Lewis Conference

The evolution of Sidemount Diving and what you really should know about it.

In the simples terms, in fewer than 10 years, sidemount diving has changed dramatically. From a highly-stylized technique specific to exploring tight caves the smallest of underwater passages, it has morphed into a mainstream money-maker for agencies with no purchase at all in over head diving and the weakest background possible in any thing related to true technical diving.
Unfortunately, the result has been the dilution of very important aspects of the sidemount technique. To the point that today, we see stunning lyawful photos of poorly equipped and one presume spoorly informed sidemount divers in TRAINING materials! This brief and humourous presentation will try to point out the major pratfalls in the approach to sidemount training and execution.
Joining Steve for this presentation may not save your life, but it may help you to become a more rounded, and better-informed sidemount diver. You’ll laugh too!