The spotlight was turned off on the first edition of Eudi Tek.
Dedicated to that cutting edge of diving represented by technical diving enthusiasts in Italy, the event took place in Montegrotto Terme at the Y-40 pool, a high-tech environment and ideal location to host this first edition of Eudi Tek. During the two days of the event, hundreds of fans were able to move from one conference to another, eager to get to know and get in touch with some of the most qualified and important international specialists who have followed each other on stage to tell their stories and their incredible dives under the seas all over the world.
The extraordinary present speakers: Alessandro Marroni – Alexandros Sotiriou – Attilio Piacente – Cesare Balzi – Edoardo Pavia – Ehud Galili – Fabio Ruberti – Gabriele Paparo – Leigh Bishop – Luigi Casati – Michele Geraci – Neven Lukas – Pasquale Longobardi – Sebastiano Tusa – Thorsten Wälde – Tomasz Stachura literally kept the audience glued during the 19 sessions that, between conferences and workshops, offered a high-level overview of technical diving. From wreck diving to deep diving, from exploration to performance, from blends to the most avant-garde equipment, from medical problems to those of increasingly sophisticated computers, these are the topics that have thrilled those interested in the conferences that were divided into the two dedicated rooms.
Obviously the location of the event has favored, and in large numbers, also the entry of visitors into the water both to experiment a particular “dive” in the pool with a dive in water at 32 ° C and to try the equipment provided by the different companies attending the event.

An important success also at the gala dinner that featured on Saturday evening and which was an extraordinary moment of coagulation for the community. A meeting point between operators, speakers and the public in a convivial context.

A success, that of the first edition of Eudi Tek, which went much further than the numbers (albeit significant) of the participation. A success of quality and level that immediately projected the international appointment.
The success of the initiative was demonstrated not only by the turnout of the public, but also by the fact that already a few hours after the closure there were plans for the next edition, scheduled for 2019, having Eudi Tek a biennial character. An appointment that certainly will not want to miss even those who could not enjoy this first edition.