Mystery of the last Olympian – Britannic

By Leigh Bishop

sabato, ore 14.00 - presso la sala Maiorca

100 years on the seabed

The tragedy and 100-year-old mystery of Britannic, sister ship to Titanic, comes to life in this revealing presentation. Britannic has now been on the seabed for exactly 100 years but the real question as to why she sank so fast, three times faster than her famous sister had never been answered until recently.  It is through technological advances in underwater exploration and more than sixty years of searching that the sequence of events has finally discovered unanswered questions.

Last summer a small team of divers embraced modern technology to explore the most iconic of wrecks for technical divers. Having worked on the wreck for a number of years they returned to film the deep wreck for a special BBC television documentary to commemorate the 100th anniversary sinking. In doing so they used remote operated vehicles and Russian submersibles alongside in water divers followed by commercial bell decompression applications from 100m.

This presentation celebrates the story of an intriguing journey from the rise of the magnificent Olympians and that fateful day in 1916. World renowned deep wreck diver Leigh Bishop will then take the audience forward in time through multiple expeditions beginning with the great Jacques Cousteau who located the ocean liner in 1975 before ending with these recent 2016 100th anniversary dives.

A final dive saw the team circumnavigate the entire wreck riding scooters weaving their way through promenade decks, under huge davits, around the massive propellers before returning to the bridge and bow sections. The entire dive was caught by several different camera angles mounted on the scooters and inside the submersibles that followed lighting up their journey. Some of this 5k footage will also be show during this presentation.